Baked salmon steak

Discover mouthwatering recipes for baked salmon steak that are easy to make and packed with flavor. Try these delectable dishes and elevate your seafood game today.
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Easy Oven baked Salmon steaks - SugarLoveSpices

Easy Oven baked Salmon steaks, is a great weeknight meal idea, that takes no time at all. The salmon is flavored by the bed of onion/garlic that it sits on, and all those herbs and spices, topped with lemon, all baked to a caramelized goodness, for an end result that is mouthwatering and spectacular. This is a must try!

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Broiled Salmon - Craving Tasty

I am in love with broiled salmon! I recently posted about broiled chicken breasts and how heavenly they turned out. Well, I can say the same thing about broiled salmon - it's heavenly! That grilled-like quality you get from broiling and that caramelization make a world of difference to taste and flavor, all without messing...Read On →

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