Baby shower table set up

Set the perfect scene for your baby shower with these creative and beautiful table set-up ideas. From elegant centerpieces to adorable place settings, discover how to create a memorable and stylish event for your guests.
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I’m obsessed with planning, I mean really obsessed! I also like to make diagrams for everything I plan on doing. So here are some of things I planned out for my shower. Flowers Centerpieces T…

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Choose your look and shop right on the page! Thousands of inspirational ideas for events, home decor, photography and table settings. Find your dream setup and we'll help you find the products that will make it a reality.

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A baby shower is a special moment for the future mother a celebration to share, to laugh and enjoy with family and friends. And, although there are things that can go wrong when throwing a baby shower that escapes from our hands, there are other aspects that we can control when we are planning a baby shower. For this reason, we want to bring you 10 DO NOT DO when throwing a baby shower. Mistake nº 1, Invite too many people. We are always tempted to invite everyone we meet, friends…

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If you’re throwing a birthday dinner party, then you’ll probably want to keep the dinner table as pretty as possible. However, it’s easy for some party decorations to make your table look, well, a little tacky—something we want to avoid if a sophisticated aesthetic is our goal. Thankfully, there are plenty of décor options that are the furthest thing from tacky. For a list of ideas on how to decorate your birthday dinner table, keep reading this guide from Sophistiplate. Our fifteen birthday…

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