Baby jedi

Dress up your little one as a cute Baby Jedi with these adorable costume ideas. May the force be with your baby in these adorable outfits!
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Today, Mark Zuckerberg stunned the Internet by revealing that his newborn daughter, Max, is a Jedi. The 31-year-old founder of Facebook wrote that “The force is strong with this one” as the share message to his shocking photo of little Max, who already has her own lightsaber, and is rumored to have already trained in the Jedi arts.

Nathalia Ogibowski
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As another year has come and gone, I can't help but be so grateful for what 2017 brought our way. Going into 2017, I wasn't sure we could top all of the exciting things we, Gus (my husband) and I, had experienced throughout 2016. We took two trips out of Miami and got to see New

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