Aussie mix

Find your perfect furry friend with our collection of adorable Aussie Mix dogs. Whether you're looking for a loyal hiking partner or a playful family pet, these mixed breed dogs have it all. Start your search today!
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Slow-Motion Malamute Pup

There's one thing that is almost impossible to describe. Whenever we want to share it with you, we feel that there are not enough synonyms for cute and adorable to even get close in defining it. And as much as we try, we just 'awww' and 'ooooh' throughout the whole process. And we're guessing that by now you know what we are talking about. Yep, the most adorable, crazy cute puppies. There are really not enough words to describe how paw-some the little puppies are in any given language.

Malia Allen
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Australian Shepherd Husky Mix (Aussie Siberian Guide)

Everything you need to know about the Australian Shepherd Husky Mix. Common questions answered. Traits, Characteristics, Pros, Cons and more.

Hannah Gal