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Discover the Audi Allroad, a versatile luxury wagon that combines off-road capability with refined elegance. Find the perfect Allroad model for your next adventure and experience the ultimate in comfort and performance.
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I know we have the B8.5 allroad Megathread (which is amazing!), but I recently ran across the Q5/SQ5 Wheel thread and thought it would be great to have a single source specifically for wheels. I myself am on the hunt for summer wheels, which I have my eye on a few sets, but would love to see what everyone else has, along with different fitment setups (stock height, lowered, bagged, etc.). To emulate the Q5/SQ5 Thread, if you have an aftermarket setup, post you info like below: - Wheel

Andrew Gauer
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Hey guys. So we have an allroad 2.7T in manual - meaning it has the lovely low range box. The air suspension was problematic so a few years ago its been put on A6 springs and dampers. I have an ITCH to raise it to Jeep levels. I think it would be a waste of that gearbox not to offroad it. Any thoughts and if anyone has been there done that PLEASE comment