Art nouveau lighting

Illuminate your space with the elegance of Art Nouveau lighting. Discover top ideas to add a touch of vintage charm to your home decor.
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Here's something you won't find at the local "antiques faire," an ornate, fanciful and HUGE pair of brass or bronze sconces purportedly from San Francisco's opulent, decadent, over-the-top Fox Theater on Market Street, now but a sacred memory. Would you believe, 25 1/2 inches top-to-bottom (and about 9 across)?!! These will require a very special setting, perhaps a spacious and elegant entryway or lobby. The glass, not-so-poetically termed "slag glass," is the nicest I've ever seen, with a…

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Discover captivating ways to infuse Art Nouveau interior design into your home with our insightful guide. Explore the timeless charm of organic forms, intricate patterns, and elegant craftsmanship that define this enchanting style, and learn how to create a harmonious and inviting living space

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