Arrow quilt

Discover a collection of beautiful and unique arrow quilt designs to add a touch of style to your home. Find inspiration and create a cozy and modern atmosphere with these stunning arrow quilt ideas.
Beautiful little arrows (with a tutorial!) by Carla of Grace and Favour. Quilts, Patchwork, Diy, Quilting, Quilt Blocks, Feather Quilt, Arrow Quilt, Quilt Border, Scrappy Quilts

******I need to start off by saying that there are probably other tutorials out there for piecing arrows, but this is what I did to make mine. I used scraps for the tail feathers and bits of yardage for the backgrounds. First of all, you will need to piece a strip set. Start with a background strip about 3" x 19" or 20" 4 or 5 coloured strips ranging 1 " to 1 1/2" x 19" or 20" ending with a background strip 3" x 19" or 20" Place the 45* line of your ruler on the bottom of the strip set. It's…

Kelly Fox
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When I was a baby, I was given several handmade quilts. If I remember correctly, I wore out one of them within the first few years so my mom put that one away in storage. I moved onto the next quilt, and by the time I wore it out I was old enough to refuse having that one put away too. I kept using it for a long time. And by "a long time", I mean that I used it up until when I got married. At that point I put it away in storage, because I didn't want Sam knowing that crazy bit of me yet. A…