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Y/n Pevensie was underestimated by not just only her siblings but eve… #fanfiction #Fanfiction #amreading #books #wattpad Cosplay, Armor Dress, Fantasy Gowns, Fantasy Gown, Fantasy Dress, Armour Dress, Medieval Fantasy Dress, Dress Armor, Fantasy Dresses

Y/n Pevensie was underestimated by not just only her siblings but everyone she knew. Starting from talking beavers, to her Parents, To the great Lion himself. At least that's what She thought. What happens when they go to Narnia the second time? Will Y/n be able to express her self or will she be clouded by her siblings shadow. {I will provide more information in the book. I am a young writer so there will be spelling and grammar mistake or just auto-correct. Please Enjoy}

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Made of embroidery, tulle & netting Corset with bust cups and boning Detachable cape/bolero with long sleeves and back buttons Mostly hand sewn with silver & golden embroidery Floor length with a train Sprinkle sugar sequins on top this exquisite dessert. Pour golden honey syrup and fight your battles like a queen.

Electric Venom
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Armour inspired dress meets flower dress Made out of ivory to nude shades/ powder pink and light green embroidery, sequins a Mostly hand-sewn Skirt with silk underlining, tulle and netting Corest with bust cups and boning Detachable cape/ bolero our crystal sequins with long sleeves, tulle wings and silver & golden chains Floor length with a train Hook-and-eye fastening and lace up or corset and zipper on skirt

Callsign: Death