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Delve into the fascinating world of Armenian history and discover the stories of ancient civilizations, cultural landmarks, and influential figures. Uncover the secrets of this vibrant culture and gain a deeper understanding of its historical significance.
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Armenians have a long and exceptionally rich literary tradition. Ancient scripts dating back to millennia before the start of the Common Era are found in abundance on the Armenian plateau. Among numerous scripts and hieroglyphs written in tongs long lost, are the Urartian hieroglyphs that have yet to be deciphered by modern scholars. Many Armenian […]

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Rubik Kocharian is a fine artist living and working in California. To date in his prolific career, he has produced over 1,000 original oil paintings and drawings. Rubik was born in 1940 in Yerevan, Armenia. His family was exiled to Siberia in 1946 during Stalin’s regime. Rubik studied under Ivan Pavlov, a Russian artist in exile. […]

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Vahagn: The Armenian Dragon Slayer God and Bringer of Fire Mythology, Mystic, Ancient, Fire, Ancient Origins, Ahura Mazda, Dragon, Slayer, Myths

Vahagn is a deity that was worshipped in Armenia during the period prior to the coming of Christianity. Vahagn was revered as a fire god. The name Vahagn is derived from a combination of two Sanskrit words –vah and agni. The former is said to mean ‘to bring’, whilst the latter, ‘fire’. According to this interpretation, therefore, the name of this ancient deity may be translated as ‘the bringer of fire’.

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Ani (Armenian: Անի)[ is a ruined and uninhabited medieval Armenian city-site situated in the province of Kars, near the border with Armenia. It was once the capital of a medieval Armenian kingdom that covered much of present day Armenia and eastern invaded Armenia.Called the "City of 1001 Churches, Ani stood on various trade routes and its many religious buildings, palaces, and fortifications were amongst the most technically and artistically advanced structures in the world. Long ago…

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Nestled between Europe and Asia sits a jewel of a country, glimmering undetected by hoards of tourists and seasoned travelers alike. Armenia. As one of the earliest Christian civilizations, Armenia's mountainous Caucasus surroundings hold so much history and age, it could boggle the mind of those who love the ancient world as much as the