Antique stereo cabinet makeover

Give your antique stereo cabinet a fresh new look with these creative makeover ideas. Discover how to update and repurpose your cabinet to add a touch of vintage charm to any room.
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What a fun makeover this was! We started with an awesome non-functional mid-century modern stereo console.... Chase was happy to do most of the deconstruction of the stereo. He was fascinated by this strange thing called a "record player..." :) To make a long story short, we gutted it, removed the speakers and backing, built a new top, added awesome antique hinges, made a new back with reclaimed lumber planks, painted, distressed a bit, waxed, buffed, took it to the WildHare FleaMarket, sold…

Marjorie Martinez
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This post is going to date me but I have to say, re-purposing this 70's Stereo Cabinet brought back f-u-u-n childhood memories. While I was removing the stereo components, I remembered how excited I was when my family purchased our very first stereo console. It had an open concept dashboard with two large speakers on

Pam White
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This post is going to date me but I have to say, re-purposing this 70's Stereo Cabinet brought back f-u-u-n childhood memories. This one... I think I'm going to keep. It will look amazing at the end of a bed or under a window and it will be perfect to store my gift wrap/linens or knick-knacks. I love turning something old and dated into something new and functional.

Alyson Corbett-Erb
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How to Makeover a Vintage Stereo Cabinet How many times have you seen one of these old Stereo Cabinets and just dismissed it as a worthless?I found this old Stereo Cabinet one day while out walking my dog. I believe people put stuff out on their driveways with a free sign-up because they know I

Emerito Robles
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Every now and then a certain piece of furniture comes into your life, and you feel that giddy feeling. You know, the one where you get the butterflies, like on a first date or when you come across a great find in the clearance bin at your favorite store?? This radio cabinet goes back a ... Read More about 1960’s Radio Cabinet Makeover

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