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Explore a collection of stunning anime characters with long hair. Discover the intricate hairstyles and unique personalities that make these characters unforgettable.
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A Harry Potter wbwl fanfic On halloween night, a tall man who was strangely lacking a nose, came into a house looking for a specific 3-year-old boy. He did not know much about this boy, but he was either going to be the tall man's downfall or a great ally. The nosey man with no nose, need to make sure that it was the latter, not the former. The man found two little boys in a room. One was crying at the sight of him, while the other was staring at him calmly. "This must be the one," he says…

Dark Long Hair-Epic | Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen! Wiki | Fandom

Dark Long Hair-Epic is a hair item in the Pigeon Kingdom suit Light Fairy. It can be obtained through the Customization of Elf Long Hair-Epic. Black hair falls below the knees; some locks are braided and fastened behind the head. The bangs are also long, falling to the hips. Pointed ears complete the elfin look. Elf Long Hair-Epic: 3 , 15

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