Animal protein

Explore a variety of healthy animal protein options to incorporate into your balanced diet. Find out how these protein sources can provide essential nutrients and support your overall health.
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What Foods Contain Protein

The human body needs protein to stay healthy because it contributes to important processes like the production of antibodies that fight off infections, the transportation of oxygen, the creation of new cells, and so on. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to include the necessary amount of protein in your diet.

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Infographic displaying different pork cuts and their protein content for a 40-gram protein serving: ground pork, pork chops, pork shoulder, ribs, bacon, and pork belly. Each cut’s protein, calorie, and fat percentages are listed, with a note that the source is the Nutriment USDA Database Protein In Meat Chart, Carnivore Diet For Beginners, Lion Diet, Protein Guide, Galveston Diet, Carnivore Keto, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, The Carnivore Diet, Macro Nutrition

Pork Portion Guide: The Protein Power of Pork Cuts

Discover the nutritional power of pork! From ground pork to bacon, learn the protein content of various cuts. Optimal protein intake supports hair, skin, bone, and muscle health, enzyme and hormone production, immune function, and more. 🥩 Combat osteoporosis with animal protein and movement. Aim for 0.8-1 gram of protein per pound of ideal body weight daily for muscle maintenance. Adjust fat intake to 75% of total calories, reduce as health improves.

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Animal Protein vs Plant Protein: Which is Better?

Numerous health advocates claim that plant-based proteins may be better for your health and the environment. But is plant protein really better than animal protein? Learn the differences between the food and how to find the best protein sources for your diet.