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Explore a collection of captivating Ancient Rome projects that will transport you back in time. Discover hands-on activities and crafts to bring the history of Rome to life.
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One of my favorite things about teaching my fabulous third-grade students is teaching social studies. I LOVE their social studies units because many of them are about ancient civilizations. We start off the year with Ancient Egypt and Ancient China, and finish with Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome. AQUEDUCTS This activity rocks because not only ... Read More about Crafts & Activities for Ancient Rome

Kate MacGregor
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Hi teacher friends, Ancient Civilizations has to be my favorite curriculum to teach. I find the ancient world fascinating, with all the different traditions, inventions, rituals, building structures, gods and goddesses. I could probably spend the whole year just focusing on Egypt alone, with its pyramids, their social hierarchy with pharaohs, and interesting

bobby Peel