Amazing grace

Experience the power of Amazing Grace through inspiring ideas and heartwarming stories. Discover how this beautiful phrase has touched lives and find your own moments of grace.
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One man's unexpected rendition of the timeless hymn Amazing Grace has captivated audiences worldwide. Dan Vasc, a renowned heavy metal singer, showcased his extraordinary vocal talents in a recently shared video that has left viewers in awe. Traditionally, hymns are associated with church choirs or artists rooted in country and gospel music. However, Dan's unconventional

Charlotte Dailey
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'Home Free' and Peter Hollens Unite For A Soaring Acapella Performance. Famed acapella singer Peter Hollens is versatile enough to tackle secular songs and musical scores as well as religious hymns, all while looking like he is having the time of his life. Hollens first gained notice as a student at the University of Oregon,

Barbara Carlson