Alton brown eggnog recipe

Indulge in the creamy and flavorful Alton Brown eggnog recipe. Capture the festive spirit with this homemade treat that will delight your taste buds. Get ready to sip and savor the perfect holiday drink.
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If you are a fan of eggnog then this blog post is for you! Learn all about the history of eggnog including when eggnog was invented, all the different variations of eggnog, and traditional ingredients. Also read about Alton Brown's aged eggnog recipe and why it's completely safe to drink the raw eggs! Then make the aged eggnog for yourself because it is really good! Find all this and more on my blog post!

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Although most Americans think of eggnog as something they get out of a milk carton during the two-week period leading up to December 25, eggnog actually descends from sack posset, a strong, thick English beverage built upon eggs, milk, and either a fortified wine (like Madeira) or ale. Add depth and complexity to this classic Christmas cocktail by using a mix of spirits and allowing it to age.

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I hate wasting food. I blame it on my grandmother, but also on my nagging thriftiness, that I just can’t throw away half of something. And so, when a recipe only uses egg yolks or, whites, I immediately start planning. What can I do with the rest? This problem got a whole lot easier when I realized

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