Altamira cave

Uncover the ancient wonders of the Altamira Cave and immerse yourself in the captivating world of prehistoric art. Discover the fascinating history and intricate details of these awe-inspiring masterpieces.
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The faeries appear in folklore from all over the world as metaphysical beings, who, given the right conditions, are able to interact with the physical world. They’re known by many names but there is a conformity to what they represent, and perhaps also to their origins.

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True to Words: Friday Photography - Graffiti is Like Modern Day Cave Painting Arte Do Rock, Rock Art, Altamira Cave, Paleolithic Art, Stone Age Art, Cave Drawings, Art Antique, Pictograph, Arte Sketchbook

Graffiti is like modern-day cave painting. I don't mean that as a bad thing at all, I'm drawing a real parallel here. Get it? Drawing? But no seriously I was thinking about this a few weeks ago as I was snapping pictures of a beautifully graffitied wall in Minneapolis. It had all of this symbolism and obvious meaning, some of which I could understand, most of which I could not. And it made me think of a few famous cave paintings I'd seen in documentaries and pictures, particularly some from…

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Altamira bison~~Altamira is a cave in Spain that became famous for its colored cave paintings, depicting the wild mammals and the human hands from its vault. Altamira Cave, Paleolithic Art, Stone Age Art, Prehistoric Animals, Prehistoric Age, Cave Drawings, Art Ancien, Art Antique, Paleo Art

Get the free 2-year set of blogs from DeconstructingTime in a PDF eBook. Click now to view a PDF version online and/or to download the PDF file. More than 10,000 years before the earliest beginnings of civilization in Egypt and Mesopotamia and about 5,000 years even before the start of agriculture, cavemen were creating sophisticated and accurate paintings in color of animals that they hunted and ate. In the pitch dark of the Altamira cave in Western Spain -- two hundred meters or so from…

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Altamira Cave is 270 metres long and consists of a series of twisting passages and chambers. The main passage varies from two to six metres in height. Archaeological excavations in the cave floor found rich deposits of artefacts from the Upper Solutrean (ca 18 500 years ago) and Lower Magdalenean (between ca 16 500 and 14 000 years ago). Both periods belong to the Paleolithic or Old Stone Age. In the millennia between these two occupations, the cave was evidently inhabited only by wild…

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