Alan Rickman

Celebrate the life and career of the legendary actor Alan Rickman. Explore his iconic roles and unforgettable performances that left a lasting impact on the world of cinema.
ALAN RICKMAN  British Actor  Attending the 2001 Sony Radio Academy Awards in London  COMPULSORY CREDIT: UPPA/Photoshot Photo  UGL 018259/B-09   30.04.2001 - stock photo Actors & Actresses, Gentleman, Alan Rickman Always, Alan Rickman Snape, Alan Rickman, Alan Rickman Severus Snape, British Actors, Best Actor, Favorite Actors

Alan rickman british actor attending the 2001 sony radio academy awards in london compulsory credit uppaphotoshot photo ugl 018259b-09 30042001. Millions of premium Stock photos and illustrations created by leading commercial photographers, world-famous Museums, Historical Archives and Private Collections. Image ID: 01ASUHXX

Geraldine Goldsborough

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