After the affair

Discover expert tips and advice on how to rebuild trust after an affair. Learn how to heal and move forward in your relationship with these proven strategies.
How to Defeat Victim Mentality After Your Husband Cheated on You: Stop The Pain From Eating Away at Your Soul, Begin to Live Like a Survivor • After The Affair – Infidelity Healing Emotional Infidelity, Surviving Infidelity, Infidelity Quotes, Cheating Husband, Funny Marriage Advice, Affair Recovery, Infidelity, Best Marriage Advice, Saving Your Marriage

Your husband cheated, now what? Can you forgive this, or will you silently take the classic victim mentality role and slowly wither away from the inside?

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Will he cheat again? You have scoured the internet looking for the answer to the two questions that drives almost all of us betrayed spouses to the brink of insanity, haven't you? And of course you know the questions are 1) Will my husband cheat again? (or wife), and 2) Is my marriage worth saving?

Audrey Franco
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As a wife trying to recover from infidelity, it’s you’re likely experiencing a multitude of emotions, ranging from disbelief, to sadness, to utter rage at such a betrayal of trust. Though I am sure it feels like the last thing you want to do, working to understand how your husband feels after the affair is … Continued