Acute care nurse practitioner

Learn how to become an acute care nurse practitioner and make a difference in patient care. Explore the education requirements, essential skills, and career opportunities in this rewarding healthcare field.
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This Study Guide includes 6.5 pages and covers basic critical care nursing concepts from the Lewis Med-Surg Textbook including: - Hemodynaics - Cardiac Output - Invasive Pressure Monitoring - Circulatory Assist Devices - Shock - Acute Respiratory Failure

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At a recommendation of a Member I put together this General overview of Intubation and weaning parameters. Since, Patients that require intubation will require a ventilator to manage the Respiratory Failure. Once Intubated the patient is set on a Initial Ventilator settings according to the comorbidity then another ABG is drawn to see what adjustments need to be made to the vent. Management of Ventilator care is done by nurse through interventions included in the “Vent Care Bundle” this will…

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It's hard to imagine what your nurse practitioner school experience will be like if you haven’t had the pleasure of attending yet. Maybe you were just accepted and are wondering what’s next. Maybe you are on the market for a program and need more information. Look no further for things to know and how to prepare for the adventure ahead! 5 Insider Tips for a Successful Nurse Practitioner School Experience Tip #1: When Considering your Program, Don’t Worry About What to Wear A totally online…

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