80s ads

Relive the magic of the 80s with these iconic ads that captured the essence of the era. Discover the creativity, humor, and trends that defined advertising during this memorable decade.
Atari 2600 ad, 1981 | Nice Atari ad from 1981. I remember wh… | Flickr Films, Techno, Wii, Science Fiction, Arcade, Retro Video Games, Vintage Video Games, Computer, Vintage Games

Nice Atari ad from 1981. I remember when my Dad took us to Toys R Us to buy this system. It was the first game system we ever owned. It came with Space Invaders and I remember saving my money to buy Asteroids, which was all the rage back then. The graphics and sound effects were horrible, but I loved it. I still have my system and play it now and then. From my personal collection.

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