7 minute frosting recipe corn syrup

Learn how to make a creamy and fluffy 7 minute frosting using corn syrup. Try this easy recipe and impress your friends and family with a perfect topping for your cakes and cupcakes.
seven-minute coconut icing  Ingredients:  4 egg whites      1 1/3 cups sugar      1/2 cup light corn syrup      1/4 tsp. salt      1 tsp vanilla extract      1 cup sweetened shredded coconut Cake, Pastel, Kage, Bakken, Eten, Backen, Make It, Easy, Kuchen

<p>Our sweet, fluffy coconut icing, known as a seven-minute frosting, has been a favorite among bakers since the 1930s. Its texture is similar to meringue, great for topping a <a href="https://www.williams-sonoma.com/recipe/coconut-cake.html"><u>coconut cake</u></a> or your favorite dessert. Ready in just 7 minutes, this coconut frosting recipe is perfect for any last minute baking needs.</p>

Ty Campbell
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There is nothing better than celebrating birthday by devouring a slice of our Mom’s rich, chocolate cake topped with this fluffy, gooey, marshmallow-y frosting. This special cake and frosting combination has become so intertwined with family birthdays. My hope is that this special recipe will make its way into your family’s birthday celebrations too. :-)

Colleen DeJordy