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5 elements

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Divining with the 5 Platonic Solids - CarrieParis.com

Ordo ab Chao/Order out of Chaos Omnium Gatherum/Gathering of All E Pluribus Unum/From the Many, the One Named after the philosopher, Plato, though dating thousands of years before his time, the five Platonic solids illuminate the five elements and their clashing yet complementary chemistry. When viewed allegorically, Plato’s solids suggest a unifying mission that ultimately …

How To Use Elemental Magic in Your Spells | Goddess Witchcraft

Elemental magic essential part of spell work. Each element represents a different type of energy that you can harness for your spell. When casting a circle you call in all the elements, however certain types of spells will call for a stronger emphasis on certain elements.


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Witchy Wednesday Ritual: Elemental Magic

The elements are all around us and within us. Learning to use the elements in your daily life can help you connect deeply to your own power and to the power of this 3D world we live in. The elements also correlate with the directions in witchcraft, further amplifying their energy. Today's ritual: bring all 5 elements into your day in an intentional way Air (East): Face east and take 3 deep breaths Fire (South): Face south and let the sun bathe your face in warmth Water (West): Face…


Notice how these elements flow from the lightest SPACE…the most subtle expression of life –to the heaviest…the most dense – EARTH. As the progression moves

What Are Your Food Cravings Trying to Tell You? The 5 Flavors Explained! - Organic Olivia

Let’s talk about cravings! How many of you have a pesky craving for sweets when you feel worried (the emotion of the ‘spleen’)? And if you’re like me do you reach for crunchy, salty snacks before menstruation (which relates to the kidney meridian)? Cravings are clues. When we’re out of balance, we develop a craving […]

"From these five primitive natures, thus five-folded, the physical vesture is formed". Sri Shankaracarya "Tattva Bodha", part 2(6)

"From these five primitive natures, thus five-folded, the physical vesture is formed". Sri Shankaracarya "Tattva Bodha", part 2(6)