4th of july cocktails

Celebrate Independence Day with these delicious and refreshing 4th of July cocktails. Impress your guests with these patriotic drinks that are perfect for your holiday gathering.

The drink is a tangy combination of pomegranate and orange. Still, it's not that sweet to discourage people from trying it out. It should appeal to the widest variety of taste buds with its layers of flavor.The recipe for this red white and blue cocktail is easy to make. You just have to layer the ingredients in order of their sugar content, starting with a high-sugar component at the bottom and ending with an unsweetened one on top.The grenadine should be handcrafted, not corn syrup-based…

Lauren Spencer
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Here we are. Somehow.....someway.....it's July. Have I got a fun layered 4th of July cocktail for you! I call it, Firecracker Spritzer. I knew I wanted to create a layered cocktail for you all for the 4th.....partly because I THINK THEY'RE SUUUPER FUN TO MAKE. Partly because I enjoy making holiday cocktails.....and honestly partly because I haven't made a new cocktail in a while. The Firecracker Spritzer is a very easy to make cocktail. I promise. The layering isn't that hard, mostly because…

Cammi Hyde