40s aesthetic fashion

Step into the glamorous world of 40s aesthetic fashion and embrace a timeless style. Explore top ideas to create elegant outfits that capture the essence of this iconic era.
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What inspired my vintage journey...

Joanna of Dividing Vintage Moments is hosting a great giveaway. Here is a picture of the goodies (make sure to check it out) I don't normally post on my blog about other bloggers giveaways because I don't write on my blog often and I do not want it to turn into a list of giveaways. But I do post frequently about giveaways on my facebook and twitter. The reason I am posting about this one is because she asked an interesting question... What ten items inspire your vintage journey. I thought…

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How many personalities does your wardrobe have?

While some people are leery of applying this word to themselves, I've never had the slightest of qualms with describing myself - and my style - as being eclectic. Call me a magpie, if you like, but I've never been one to set up camp in one itty-bitty style corner and live their indefinitely. Instead I tend to pick and choose from various influences, building up a wardrobe that's cohesive, but also able to quickly split up into different categories, if need by. Ultimately, I think that too…

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1950s Shorts History | Pinup Shorts, Sailor Shorts, Bermuda Shorts

The 1950s decade was one of the first that embraced women wearing shorts for more than just beach wear or for pinup girls. Women's 1950s shorts came in several lengths and styles to fit a variety of leisure activities women enjoyed. The shortest length was the shorties short, followed by an above the knee Bermuda,