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Make a grand entrance with stunning 2-story foyer design ideas. Create an inviting and elegant space that sets the tone for your home with these top ideas.
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New Age

A cube in a cube. Cube squared. Double box. Whatever we call it, the design is unmistakably stunning. From the smallest size over your island, to the largest size in the two-story foyer, this New Age Lantern will update any décor. Customization Available - call to inquire Usually ships in 4-6 weeks. Handcrafted.

Vivian Ni
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Elevate Your Entryway with Two Story Foyer Wall Decor Ideas

Discover transformative two story foyer wall decorating ideas to create an entryway that makes a lasting impression. Time to style your grand entrance!

Terri Clifton
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Closing Off a Two Story Foyer and Wallpaper on the Ceiling...

Welcome! Come on in.. I have been a slacker about sharing this project, but I'm excited to show you the new foyer. Our "Cookie-Cutter Colonial" was designed with a strange, small two story foyer. It lacked impact because it houses a standard double-hung window, which from the street looks uniform across the front of the house, but was not the dramatic "open foyer" that some homes have. For years, and years, and years (11 of them) I have dreamed of having it floored off. If I were a…

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ORC™: Week Five - Progress Report + What Is The One Room Challenge™? - T. Moore Home Interior Design Studio

I could write about painting a foyer or patching holes in walls. I could break down the steps for installing a new light fixture or show you how I’ve installed the moulding in my foyer. Would those really be useful topics for you? Maybe. Most likely, they won’t be that valuable because they’ve been covered in-depth by about a million other blogs. Maybe what I’m going to write about today has been covered a bazillion times before as well. I’m writing it anyway because the questions I receive…

Katie Schlund
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light for your entryway

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Tower Lighting
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Insanely Fabulous Foyer Entrances - Happy Haute Home

I have struggled with our foyer entrance since we moved into our home three years ago. The space is enormous and very grand with a ton of potential. But my budget for the space is not very grand so I need to figure out how to get the most bang for my buck. We have… Continue reading →

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The Perfect Two-Story Foyer Chandelier Height (Complete Size Guide) - Home By Alley

I’ll cover exactly how to pick the BEST chandelier size for your two story foyer! Plus, how tall & wide your foyer chandelier should be!

Lisa Fields
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Two Story Entryway Reveal | Adventure Refresh | Foyer Makeover ⋆ Jeweled Interiors

This 2 story entryway was sooo much work, but we are thrilled with the gorgeous outcome. Check out how we updated our builder's grade foyer.

Connie Wilkins