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11 Rare Found Photos Capture A Young Beautiful Reporter of The Des Moines Register Interviewing People in 1948 1940s Hairstyles, Hairstyles Over 50, Quick Hairstyles, Everyday Hairstyles, Ladies Hairstyles, Vintage Beauty, Vintage Fashion, 1940s Fashion, Vintage Style

Portrait of unknown beautiful reporter of The Des Moines Register who was interviewing people in June 21st, 1948. The first newspaper in Des Moines, the Iowa Star, was founded in 1849. In 1855, the Iowa Citizen began publication; it was renamed the Iowa State Register in 1860. In 1902, the Register merged with the Des Moines Leader, a descendant of the Star, to become the Des Moines Register and Leader. In 1903, Des Moines banker Gardner Cowles, Sr. purchased the Register and Leader; the…

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