1912 dress

Step back in time with these elegant and timeless 1912 dress styles. Discover how to incorporate vintage fashion into your wardrobe and make a statement at any event.
Another example of women in the 1900s. Dresses were long, yet not as big past the waist. Couture, 1912 Dress, Edwardian Dress, Vintage Dresses, Historical Dresses, Edwardian Fashion, 1900s Fashion, Historical Clothing, Fashion Decades

Around the turn of the century, there were a lot of rules and guidelines for women to be 'proper' - then there were the additional demands placed on them by men and the business world. Here's a look back at some ideas of beauty from 1912 and 1913.

Jared Smith
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Back in early 1998, the J. Peterman company bought dozens of original costumes from "Titanic." They created their own line of reproductions for purchase, but they also sold the originals to private collectors around the world. I am tickled pink to be able to share the pictures on this page

Samantha Woelk