14th century

Step back in time and immerse yourself in the rich history of the 14th century. Discover remarkable events, influential figures, and captivating stories from this extraordinary era.
Conjectural late 14th/15th century women’s cotte pattern – Research Dumping Grounds Art

This pattern will create a woman’s late 14th/15th century cotte/gown. Click here if you’re looking for the Men’s pattern. When drafted the pattern includes 1/2″ seam allowance on all edges. Because of the tight fit this will need some type of closure (rather than pulling it on over your head). For women, on a supportive layer I recommend you use…Continue Reading→

Elaine Lord
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Actually, the Bocksten Man is not a mummy, rather a skeleton, but fully dressed and with a generous mane of hair – looks bizarre, by the way. Why these human remains may be so interesting to fashion historians, reenactors, and people who are fond of the medieval era that the Bocksten Man became famous all over the world? Because many of his garments survived over 600 years and can be studied today. His tunic even is among the best-preserved medieval tunics in Europe. Not to mention his hood…

Benjamin Chisholm