10 days of christmas

Celebrate the holiday season with 10 days of Christmas fun and excitement. Discover creative ideas to make each day memorable and create lasting memories for your family and loved ones.
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The 12 Days of Christmas is a holiday tradition that spans from December 25th to January 5th, celebrating the festive season with an extended period of merrymaking and gift-giving. Rooted in Christian beliefs, this custom symbolises the time between the birth of Jesus Christ and the arrival of the Magi, or the three wise men, who brought him gifts. Each day of the 12 Days of Christmas is marked by feasting, music, and the exchange of presents, with various cultures […]

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Celebrating all twelve days of Christmas can sound overwhelming but I actually find it just the opposite. Time stops and the world stands still a bit. More time to celebrate means less stress that everything has to be perfect for just one day. So here are fifty ideas for celebrating all 12 days of Christmas that begin on Christmas Day!

Katheryn Fuller