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a person holding up a book with spanish writing on the front and back pages in black and white
Para eso te quiero
an image of a man and woman kissing in front of the words desde agu
💫Buenos Días Mi Vida🕯🕯❤️♾✨
a man and woman walking together with the caption'me parece que tenes mucho en comin '
💫Sí, Si Es Contigo Te Amo Tanto y Siempre Arturo Vela Galindo🕯🕯️♾️❤️✨
a couple hugging each other with the caption in spanish
🕯️🕯️💫Te Adoro Mi Vida Eres Maravilloso 🕯️🕯️♾️❤️✨
a poem written in spanish on the back of a black and white photo with an image of two hands holding each other
❣️Te AMO💫Así de cierto, así de claro y siempre Te amaré Francisco Arturo Vela Galindo 🕯🕯❤️♾✨
a man and woman kissing on the back of a motorcycle with words written in spanish