Learning Fun Outside

Taking learning outside can be a very rich experience for kids. There are so many fun things you can do in nature and kids will love these ideas to take their learning outside.
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the printable summer camp journal is on top of a wooden table
Printable Summer Camp Journal Pages!
Grab these Summer Camp pages for your kids so they can create fun memories. Includes packing list, camp goals, first day at camp, draw your camp, and a daily journal.
printable road trip activity pack for kids with pictures and text overlay that reads printable road trip activity pack
Printable Road Trip Activity Pack!
Your kids will love this road trip pack full of fun activities that are perfect for those long car rides. Multiple games for hours of fun including: license plate, spot the car, road sign, bingo, I-spy, scavenger hunt, can you find, checkers & even an alphabet game. Download and print!
printable field trip journal pack with text overlay that reads, free printable field trip journal
Printable Field Trip Journal Pack
Grab this printable Field Trip Journal Pack for your homeschoolers. Organize your field trip and get the most out of your trips. Prepare and map out your trip. Perfect for homeschool learning and fun!
kids and teens are gardening together with the text, summer ideas for productive kids & teens
Get Your Kids Outside with These Activities!
What can your kids do all summer? We’ve got productive activities for kids and teens to get them outside and staying productive. Find out how you can give your kids some structure during the summer and reduce screen time.
If you are looking for summertime games for your kids we’ve got you covered. Messy sensory activities your kids will love! Get your kids off of screens and outside with these easy sensory activities. Easy Sensory Activities, Messy Activities, All About Me Printable, Parenting Win, Sensory Art, Kids Worksheets Printables, Good Weather, Play Day, Kids Exploring
Get Your Kids Outside with Messy Activities
If you are looking for summertime games for your kids we’ve got you covered. Messy sensory activities your kids will love! Get your kids off of screens and outside with these easy sensory activities.
three wooden toys sitting on the ground with text overlay that reads create your own games for summer fun
Learn How To Create Your Own Summer Games
Create your own summer fun with things you have in your house. Fun summer games to help your kids play and get off of screens. Learn how to create a DIY kite, DIY sprinklers, and even create a marble maze.
beach coloring pages to print for free on homeschool giveaways com at homeschool giveaways com
20 Free Beach Coloring Pages
Download and print these Beach Coloring Pages for your little ones this summer! Perfect for vacation prep, preschool, elementary ages and family fun.
two children on swings with the text how to get your kids unplugged this summer
Get Your Kids Off Screens this Summer!
Unplug your kids from screens this summer with these fun activities! Get your kids outside and reduce screen time with fun games, summertime crafts, scavenger hunts and more.
the national parks in iowa historic sites and trails for kids to explore with text overlay
Special National Parks in Iowa for Kids!
Get your kids outside to explore the national parks! Historic sites and trails in Iowa your kids will love. Perfect for field trips and nature studies.
happy campers activity bundle with camping activities and printables to help kids learn how to
Grab Your Free Camping Activity Pack for Kids!
Camping can be such an educational experience. Grab these free camping printables for your next camping adventure with your kids. Explore the outdoors with camping bingo, scavenger hunts, and nature journaling to help add to your camping fun!
national parks for kids Visit National Parks, Homeschool Field Trips, About Science, South Florida, To Miss, Geology
Must Visit National Parks in South Florida for Kids!
You don’t want to miss these 4 unique national parks located in south Florida. Perfect for kids to explore and learn about science and history. A homeschool field trip in the making!
four kids in the snow with text overlay that reads 40 winter olympics activities for kids plus a free unit study
Over 40 Winter Olympics Activities for Kids!
Enjoy the Winter Olympics with these activities and even a free unit study! Download and print this unit study and explore all types of winter olympic sports with activities for kids of all ages. Perfect for winter outdoor fun and learning.
the words, ways to take homeschooling outside this winter with trees and snow
Winter Wonderland Learning: Creative Ways to Take Homeschooling Outdoors!
Embrace the magic of winter with our inventive ideas for taking homeschooling beyond the four walls! From nature-inspired science experiments to snow-covered math challenges, discover engaging ways to bring the classroom outdoors. Turn your backyard into a winter wonderland of learning, fostering curiosity and creativity in every lesson. Whether it's observing winter wildlife or turning snowflakes into a math lesson, these activities will make your homeschooling experience unforgettable.
winter field trips for homeschoolers Science Experiments, Cabin Fever, Winter Fun, Winter Season, The Winter
Top Homeschool Field Trips for the Winter Season
Transform your homeschooling experience with the best winter field trips! Dive into a world of educational adventures tailored for homeschoolers. From snowy science experiments to cultural discoveries, these winter outings will spark curiosity and enhance learning. Discover our curated list of engaging and enriching winter field trips perfect for homeschool families. Embrace the season and make education unforgettable!
a snowy field with trees and bushes in the background text reads ways to take homeschooling outside this winter
Take Homeschooling Outside with Winter Activities!
Don’t let the winter weather stop your kids form having fun. From captivating scavenger hunts to invigorating nature walks, explore a range of creative activities that turn your backyard into a dynamic learning space. Uncover the joy of hands-on experiences amidst the winter chill, making every lesson an adventure. Discover the magic of combining education with the great outdoors and create memories that will last a lifetime.