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a green and yellow poster with an image of a dinosaur
Estrategia Digital o cómo hablar de negocios con los clientes - Hashtag
two pictures with different animals and captions in spanish
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Miáucoles: Lolcat en español: Tigrito y Conejito
a blurry image of many different colored plates stacked on top of eachother
Jajajaj esto es oro puro 😂
Asta que la perra nos separe...? Food For Thought, Klondike Bar, Funny New, School Humor, Me Time, Bones Funny, Mind Blown, Make Me Smile
Asta que la perra nos separe...?
a dog is laying down with its eyes closed and the caption says, que fue es ruud?
the joker is holding a lamp in his hand and it says, i'm not afraid
Si mejor conoceme..
an old woman with a funny look on her face and the caption reads debe ser obra de los espirits chocarreros
Debe ser obra de los espíritus chocarreros #meme