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an article in the magazine take action, get active with illustrations and text on green background
Alexandra Francis - Mental Health Awareness Week 2020
three posters with the words, they feel free to plant a tree and one has flowers on it
Happy Habitat
Happy Habitat on Behance
an open box with stickers on it sitting on top of a pink surface next to a paper bag
2024 New Year gift box packaging design
Behance 上的 2024 New Year gift box packaging design
an empty cardboard box with a cutout for the top and bottom side, on a white background
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there are two signs on the back of a car that say, this cover suits you for all sorts of drivers going in all sorts of directions
Diamond in the Fluff
a poster with vases and flowers on the cover of a magazine, which reads you are my friend
an advertisement on the side of a building with pink flowers and green leaves in korean writing
Lee kwangho
Lee kwangho on Behance
three different types of vegetables are shown on a yellow background with green, orange and red
Unique Misfits Market Produce Illustration