Diseño en azul

Creative dark blue nail arног t design. Each nail on this design has its own unique concept, one is plain, and the other is animal prints while the other consists of glitter polish.

Dazed & Enthused - DP02 Stamping Plate

Dazed & Enthused - DP02 Stamping Plate

Our Dazed & Enthused plate is uniquely designed and curated, featuring fun, enigmatic patterns that can spice up any manicure! - Our unique designs are approximately and have been desig

Manicura inspirada en Mickey Mouse.

"I want this next time I go to Disney!" I hate it when people say "Disney" when referring to Disney World. Disney what? Are you so lazy you can't say one more syllable? (Okay, technically it's *Walt* Disney World, but still!