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a brown background with the words prayer for jesus
a white background with text that reads, when david faced golian he didn't talk about how dangerous golian was he talked about how great god is
a black and white photo with the words, not once does the bible say worry about it
the words pray instead of complaints
Will do! Love that idea
a white paper with the words, because of jesus i am lord
Cute Christian Wallpapers!
a quote about discernment is a gift from god, where he shows you how things really are instead of how you want them to be
a poem written in black and white with the words, i think about how many times god
Heart, King, Woman, Beautiful, Real, Me Quotes
a quote that says you are currently living at least one of the prayers you used to pray reflect on that today
a quote that reads, i think the strongest prayer i've ever played in a single phrase with complete honesty
the words lord help me to not sit at tables that you would have flipped
a black and white photo with the words remember when you're in a position to help someone, be glad and always do it because that's god answering someone elses