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I actually want to grow my hair out so I can try to do a high ponytail like hers.:) I can always watch this tutorial on knowing how to do it.:)
A mecha frontal intensa é perfeita para quem busca um estilo de cabelo menos óbvio e cheio de atitude. Sabe quando você quer uma mudança radical? Cabelo ondulado com franjinha, mecha forntal na franjinha, mecha forntal, cabelo com mehcas na frente, #franja #mechafrontal #cabelo


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Cutesy Ghosts
#indiekid Indie kid aesthetic


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Super simple makeup look
skin \\\ The Homemade Mud Mask Recipe That’s Essential For Your Life | Free People Blog #freepeople


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Wanna smell like a snack?
#perfume #fragrance #fragrancecollection #perfumecollection #coconut #tiktok #sweet #prada
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an image of a diagram with words on it and the caption below that reads, the ways to study flucthan
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mango scented shower routine
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hygiene is keyyy 🔑💗
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