Water Vortex, very subtle tornado like structure, big whirlpool at the end. Nice, consistent, digitally inked (probably animated). Some of the effects appear to be on 3's perhaps? Just have a slightly more limited look than the characters, but not in a bad way.

Mirage by Iker & Dana. A young Inuit boy reaches waters no one has ever reached before while trying to fish in the Arctic wilderness. School of Visual Arts thesis film,

Not a lot of Vortex (mainly just good water FX), but one interesting quick one as the monster emerges to attack the main character. A kind of reverse Vortex, or a focus on one forming and then dissipating.

Basilisk by Ami Thompson -Ami Thompson This is my year film in Sheridan College. Film by Ami Thompson Music by Jasper Gahunia

314_vortex01_subsurf3.jpg (314×600)

314_vortex01_subsurf3.jpg (314×600)

Video description and audio is crap, but some interesting underwater footage.

How dangerous are whirlpools? Whirlpools occur when two opposing currents meet.

vortexPaulGroom.jpg (311×483)

Vortex Water Flow image by Paul Groom Photography - Bristol Photographer, UK.

Again, vid description and audio is crap, but interesting footage.

US scientists discovered two giant whirlpools in the Atlantic Ocean, off the coast of Guyana and Suriname. It became a sensational discovery because this part of the ocean has been studied thoroughly, and no one expected anything like that to appear .

Vortex.jpg (656×471)

Vortex.jpg (656×471)

9815065-water-vortex.jpg (1200×1200)

Clear Water Whirlpool With Water Surface, editable vector illustration

More crap descriptions and audio, but a nice steady shot here.

Before you attempt to swim in a natural whirlpool, it's important that you do some research about the area, the whirlpool and any potential dangers.