IKEA #Packaging #Design Inspirations, who wouldn't want to receive this #packaging promo? #2014 top pin PD

IKEA Direct Mail - pop up style. Great direct mail item that is a form of novelty advertising which will surely resonate and be effective at keeping and retaining the receivers' attention.

#guerrilla marketing

Safe Car - Machine Shop > Smashed flyer delivered at traffic lights - Creative Flyer campaign

The Bible of Barbecue: Tramontina

A Bíblia do Churrasco — Tramontina. A beautiful book that you can keep on your shelf or tear to pieces to make the perfect barbecue.

GEOlino MELTDOWN - The first board game that melts GEOlino, the German science magazine for children, wanted its young readers to experience the effects of global warming. Not with dry-as-dust theory, but in a completely child-oriented way.

Clearasil: Squeeze

Direct advertisment created by Hambre, Portugal for Clearasil, within the category: Pharmaceutical.

Direct advertisment created by FCB, Portugal for APAV, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.

The One Club / The One Show

RSPCA / , Annual ID: Award: Gold Pencil, Category: Advertising - Public Service/Political / Public Service/Political Outdoor and Posters: Single

The One Club / The One Show

Gruner + Jahr / Meltdown, Annual ID: Award: Gold Pencil, Category: Design - Self-Promotion / Single or Series

To raise awareness about this delicate issue, Circus GREY and Vida Mujer, a per.

Digital advertisment created by TBWA, Canada for TBWA\Toronto, within the category: Agency Self-Promo.

This+year+we+turned+our+used+sketch+paper+into+firelogs+and+sent+them+to+our+clients+as+a+Christmas+mailing.  Every+creative+agency+uses+a+lot+of+paper+for+scribbling+and+drawing+up+concepts.+Instead+of+just+putting+these+‘unused’+ideas+in+the+trash+bin,+we+turned+them+into+something+that’s+still+of+benefit+for+our+clients+–+a+briquette.+  A+nice+way+to+reflect+on+the+year+that’s+been+and+to+enjoy+the+warmth+of+a+year’s+hard+work+these+holidays.

DDB & Ttribal Amsterdam - Concept Briquette This year we turned our used sketch paper into firelogs and sent them to our clients as a Christmas mailing. Every creative agency uses a lot of paper for scribbling…