Former Northwestern National Life Insurance Building, 1965  (Now ING)  Minoru Yamasaki & Associates  Minneapolis, Minnesota by Pete Sieger

ing reliastar building (previously the northwestern national life building), minneapolis, minnesota. built in 1964 by minoru yamasaki and associates.

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Construction is now on hold for financial factors. Lots of buildings on earth today, which are considered representatives of Modern Architecture, seem to have exceeded all organic limitations in regards to height.

Dubai continues to be a leader when it comes to innovative, luxury resorts, and if their Water Discus Underwater Hotel is any indication, Dubai shows no signs of slowing down.  The hotel gains its name from the building construction, which sees one disc above water, and one below. The top structure is connected to the bottom half with five solid legs, and includes a vertical shaft that has been outfitted with a lift and stairways for guests to explore the underwater portion of the hotel.

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Starting idea for nightlamp? Polish Pavilion (波兰馆) by divine.visions

The Polish pavilion designed for Shanghai EXPO 2010 by the WWAA Architects. The pavilion features a perforated façade, inspired by traditional Polish folk-art paper cutouts. design inspiration, architecture, luxury homes