The Gothic Revival style Las Lajas Sanctuary in Colombia. The inspiration for the church's creation was a miraculous event in 1754: a apparition of the Virgin Mary that instigated popular pilgrimage to the site and occasional reports of cases of miraculous healing.

Las Lajas Sanctuary, Colombia Las Lajas Sanctuary (Spanish: Santuario de Las Lajas) is a basilica church located in the southern Colombian.

El puntal con la península de la Magdalena y  #Santander al fondo. Precioso :) #Cantabria #Spain

El puntal con la península de la Magdalena y #Santander al fondo. Precioso :) #Cantabria #Spain

Socorro, Colombia

A market consisting of a street lined with shops and stalls, especially one in the Middle East.

Parque Nacional del Chicamocha in Santander, Colombia-region of the country that my family is from

The National Park Chicamocha in Santander is one of the few Colombian national parks that is dedicated to ecotourism. It offers a spectacular landscape and countless outdoor activities.

Cabo De La Vela, La Guajira, Colombia

Cabo de la Vela, La Guajira, Colombia — by Hipermovil

Cabo de la Vela remains off the beaten path for foreign travellers visiting Colombia. This desert by the sea is located in La Guajira,.

Sierra Nevada Del Guican, Cocuy, Colombia

Sierra Nevada Del Cocuy y Guican is a national park located in the Andes Mountains within the nation of Colombia

Cañon del Chicamocha. Viaja más fácil hacia o desde #Bucaramanga con #EasyFly aquí Más sobre turismo en

What to do in Colombia? Visit the National Park Cañon del Chicamocha and get your adrenaline up while doing zip line across amazing canyons and landscapes!

El Gran Cañon del Chicamocha en Santander Colombia: ven a volar con

The Canyon of Chicamocha in Santander Colombia: a paradise for adventure lovers!