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Play Date A melhor de todas

I Guess Its Time That I Tell You The Truth If i share my Toys Wil you Let me stayng font wanna leave this play date with you.

Melanie Martinez, Cry Baby, Wattpad, Wig, Lyrics

Mrs Potato Head / Melanie Martinez / you don't hear many songs that portray such a strong image about self image. We are being told that how we look isn't good enough and that's not okay. I applaud Melanie for raising the issue through this very clever metaphor of the artificiality of "mrs Potato Head"

potato head-melanie martinez// I thought it was "Oh, Mr. Potato head tell me, is it true love paying the surgery." Because I was looking at the music video when I heard this song.


actually I just realized her face was photoshopped in there nvm