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a decorative pillow made from patchwork fabric
Hope you like this partner!
a table topped with plates and bowls filled with fruit next to a plate of pears
Strip-Pieced Place Mats
Quilting - Strip-Pieced Place Mats
two quilted placemats sitting on top of a wooden floor next to each other
{Easy Peasy} Quilted Placemats Tutorial
If you're looking for a quick and easy project to use up some of your pretty scraps and keep them in front of you every day, look no fur...
three placemats and two cups on top of each other
Bound Jelly Roll Strip Placemats
Bound Jelly Roll Strip Placemats - Sew4Home
a bowl of strawberries sitting on top of a table next to a pot holder
Free Place Mat Patterns
Patchwork Place Mats
several pieces of paper are laid out on the floor
...for my Sew Sew Modern Partner
an apple quilted on top of a white carpet
Mother Patchwork
Mother Patchwork: 2018
a patchwork quilt with an apple design on the front and side, sitting on top of a cutting board
a close up of a pillow on a bed
Mansikoita odotellessa
Pomada: Mansikoita odotellessa
several small patchwork strawberrys are laid out on a wooden table with green and red stripes
strawberry patch quilt hello darling moda 10
the block is made up of pink and green squares