Bogotá’s Bohemian Renaissance

Every considered a study tour? Think Bogotá, Colombia might take your fancy? Here is some information about an exciting study tour to Bogota being run by one of our former lecturers, Dr Beau Beza, .

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36 Hours in Bogotá, Colombia

With its mix of innovative new restaurants and old-school street snacks, the capital of Colombia is quickly becoming the world's next big food destination.

Where to Find the Best Food and Drink in Bogotá Right Now

A Bogota neighborhood favorite, Alejandro Gutiérrez’s spot is a place to linger over lunch. The order: calamar pota apanado (fried calamari), plus whatever’s on the specials list.

Salt Cathedral of Zipaquirá. Colombia. Catedral de Sal on Behance

Salt Cathedral of Zipaquirá. Catedral de Sal on Behance

With three restaurants to her name—including Mercado, shown here—food-TV star Leonor Espinosa promotes the use of local ingredients every chance she gets. Colombian coffee, anyone?

Photos: Bogotá's Best New Restaurants

There's another revolution brewing in the Colombian capital, this time in the kitchen. Peter Frank Edwards captures Bogotá's top restaurants ni this photo gallery.

Street art, Bogotá

The wonders of Colombia's Caribbean coast