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a close up of a small figurine on a plate next to a pair of scissors
And this is why you don't make too detailed canes for miniatures as details just get lost at that scale. I knew, I was stubborn and it's just meh. #fail #polymerclay
three pencils with faces drawn on them sitting next to each other in the shape of fingers
four blue plastic mice with white noses and tails on top of each other sitting on the ground
several plates with different designs on them sitting on a table
404 Not Found | Ideias para artesanato, Artesanato, Artesanato patchwork
Dessert jewelry! How amazing! I am going to live by this from now on. I wish they were edible.:
there are many different types of cupcakes on the table
there are many different types of cupcakes and donuts on the table together
there are many different types of cupcakes on the table and in the pictures
Okay I really recommend trying this, it’s so pretty 😍
Difficulty: Easy Translucent polymer clay
Stained Glass Earrings! Made from clay.
Difficulty: Medium Translucent Clay • Colored clay • Tissue blade • Pasta machine • Oven
Polymer Clay Fabric Cane Tutorials
All available on Patreon. If you can't find the month, feel free to ask!
Clay Earrings
Sea glass inspired polymer Clay earrings tutorial
Making stained glass earrings out of polymer clay ☀️
someone is holding some colored pencils in front of a white board with different designs on it