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an architectural rendering of a two story house with balconies on the second and third floors
Thiết Kế Quán Cafe 2 Mặt Tiền Phong Cách Minimalism Tối Giản
Quán cafe với lợi thế 2 mặt tiền kết hợp với phong cách thiết kế Minimalism tối giản, chú trọng vào sự đơn giản cùng màu tươi sáng nhẹ nhàng nhưng vẫn đảm bảo được sự tinh tế, tính thẩm mỹ và công năng sử dụng
an artist's rendering of people shopping in the city
Aedas Won the China Resources Snow Beer Headquarters Base International Competition
an artist's rendering of the exterior of a shopping center with people walking around
2014_Onizah Hotel & resort
2014_Onizah Hotel & resort on Behance
an empty city street at night with lights on the buildings and trees in the center
Vanke·Tianhui by Zinialand Design
万科·天汇 by Zinialand Design – mooool
people are standing under an awning on the sidewalk
The Grove Arcade’s Makers Market
an outdoor area with tables and chairs next to a tree at night time, in front of a modern building
Hoegaarden Greenhouse Bar - Picture gallery 42
Hoegaarden Greenhouse Bar - Picture gallery
an empty shopping mall with people walking around it at night in front of tall buildings
Vanke·Tianhui by Zinialand Design
people are walking around in the city square at night with tall buildings and palm trees
留住东城记忆,新空间的生命线 万科·天荟 / 致澜景观
留东城记忆,新空间的生命线万天荟 / 海景致海景 – mooool木藕设计网
people are walking around an outdoor shopping mall at night with the clock tower in the background
Discover the Best Shopping Centers in Los Angeles
an artist's rendering of a waterfront restaurant at night with people on the deck
Back to the Future: How a Developer is Pioneering a New Generation of Super-Neighbourhood Centres
the inside of a building with tables and chairs in front of it, along with lots of windows
Gallery of Ergon Agora East Supermarket / Urban Soul Project - 13
Ergon Agora East Supermarket / Urban Soul Project | ArchDaily
the inside of a grocery store filled with lots of fresh produce and food on display
Gallery of Ergon Agora East Supermarket / Urban Soul Project - 9
an artist's rendering of the plaza at dusk
Echelon Seaport - Boston Global Investors (BGI)