23 wedding nails

40 Ideas for Wedding Nail Designs

Modern Japanese wedding nails with great details The wedding day is the most important day of a woman’s life. Everyone can have their dream wedding if… Continue Reading →

NAIL ART WRAPS WATER TRANSFERS/STICKERS DECALS ETHNIC BOHO PATTERN #238. make sure your buying from the ORIGINAL at your fingertips nail art design, http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00DTTXFWO/ref=cm_sw_r_pi_awdl_5AEmwb05YWW0M

Nail Art Wraps Water Transfers Stickers Decals Ethnic Boho Pattern 238 🌻 For more great pins go to

uñas decoradas media luna

Almond-shaped nails, Angelina Jolie nails, Beige gel polish, Beige nails with…

44 wedding nails

40 Ideas for Wedding Nail Designs

White Lace nail art

40 Ideas for Wedding Nail Designs

White lace nails with gold beads on for accent. This is perfect for bridal wedding nail design.

unas aztecas 4

15 Diseños de uñas tribales que todas te envidiarán

This pretty tribal yellow nail art design can be your option this summer. it incorporates an amazing twist of normal french tip and nail dividing techniques, that collectively make this nail art design goes awes

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