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a black cat with yellow eyes wearing a hat and flowers on its leg tattoo design
Stunning Cat Tattoo Design Ideas
If you are a cat lover, you might want to express your love for your furry friends with a cat tattoo. Cat tattoos are not only cute and adorable, but also meaningful and symbolic. They can represent your personality, your bond with your cat, or your spiritual beliefs. Whether you want a realistic portrait of your cat, a minimalist outline, or a colorful cartoon, there are plenty of cat tattoo design ideas to choose from.
an image of a black diamond cut in half and the other side with three smaller diamonds
Embellishment, Crystal Passions®, jet, 27x18.5mm faceted emerald-cut fancy stone (4627). Sold individually.
Rich, velvety black combines with a silvery grey shine in Crystal Passions'® jet. This saturated shade brings a luxurious, sophisticated feel to any design.Crystal fancy stones are designed with precise machine-cut facet patterns that produce signature sparkle. Foil backing provides versatility, allowing the crystals to be incorporated into clays, molds and settings while retaining their color and vibrancy. Crystal rhinestones can be incorporated into an array of designs incl