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a woman holding up a sun mask made out of colored pencils in front of her face
Osa Rosti ART on Instagram: "🌞 sun is shining! Just listed this fabulous little sun wall mask in my Etsy shop (link in bio). I just love love love making these sun wall masks! 🌞💛🌞💛🌞💛🌞💛🌞💛 #mixedmediaart #etsyshop #artforsale #papermacheart #homedecor #wallmask #wallart #wallhanging #decorativemask #sunart #sun #papiermacheart #papelmache #cartapesta"
the paper animals are cut out and placed on top of each other
Лъвче от хартия “ Обичам те“
Лъвче от хартия
two wooden boxes with different colored flowers in them on the wall next to each other
a sculpture made out of newspapers and newspaper strips
Osa Rosti ART on Instagram: "#workinprogress on a new sun! 🌞I love making sun wall masks! Hope to have it ready soon. My Etsy shop is now closed because this week is chemo week. I will open it again next week sometime. Sending you all lots of creative and sunny energy 💛🌞💛🌞💛🌞 #mixedmediaart #papermacheart #sunart #wallart #homedecor #walldecor #creativity #papiermache #cartapesta #papelmache #papelmacheart"
four different types of paper bugs on a white background with text overlay that says free paper bug svg
Paper Bugs 01 Papiermodell, SVG-Datei für Cricut, digitale Vorlagen, PDF, 3D Low Poly, DIY Papiermodell -
Papierkäfer WALLDECOR - Papiermodell, SVG-Datei, 3D Vektor, digitale Vorlagen, PDF, für Cricut, 3D Low Poly, DIY Papiermodell Die Bilder sind nur Illustrationen, um Designvarianten aufzuzeigen. Sie erhalten 4 Käfer Design. 15-20cm lang Toll: -um mit Ihrem Kind / Ihren Enkelkindern ein kreatives