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a cross stitch pattern with words on it
someone is holding up a embroidery hoop with an image of a blue door and flowers on it
a person holding up an embroidery project with a totoro in the rain on it
I just finished this Totoro embroidery piece I've been working on for the past month! Thought you guys would appreciate it :)
a hand holding a small embroidery art piece with an ocean scene in the center and clouds above it
four embroidered hoops with the zodiac signs on them, sitting on a table top
Miniature Rhino
a person holding up a piece of embroidery
Decided to have a go at the embroidery pie! Inspired by u/YellowSubWinnie on here and @thatembroiderygirl on Insta. :)
three cross stitch hoops with numbers on them
Updates from LoomAndGloom on Etsy
a patch of grass is shown in the shape of an earth map on a table
Vibrant Aerial Embroidery Captures the Beauty of English Farmlands From Above
several different types of jellyfish are in embroidery hoops on a blue background with other items
Jellyfishes 🤍
a cross stitch pattern with red poppies in the field and blue sky behind it
Artist Combines Her Love Of Color And Embroidery To Hand-Stitch Beautiful Landscapes (30 Pics)
a hand embroidered picture of a castle in black and white
20 Artistas del bordado compartieron algunos de sus trabajos con el Internet