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7 Instagram strategies for yoga teachers - Digital Yoga Academy

Learn 7 Instagram strategies for yoga teachers to attract more of ideal students, and retain the interest of their existing ones.

how to find your ideal yoga niche as a yoga teacher

Successful yoga teachers carve out valuable yoga niches and build their teaching careers around those niches. Find your ideal yoga niche.

4 ways to fast track your yoga teaching career - Digital Yoga Academy

In this post, International Yoga Teacher Celeste Pereira shares 4 ways to fastrack your yoga teaching career and reach your business goals.

YouTube for Yoga Teachers

Learn how to be successful on YouTube with Allie Van Fossen, better known as The Journey Junkie, a once corporate marketing girl turned successful yoga teacher.

How to be Authentic on Social Media as a Yoga Teacher - The Yoga Nomads

Is it possible to promote your classes on Instagram while staying true and genuine? YES, we share how to be authentic and some tips to build your following.

Great Yoga Business Resources for Yoga Teachers • yogaskinny

Every yoga teacher needs some great yoga business resources. Build your yoga career by making use of the great yoga teaching business resources available.

018: Get Creative with Your Yoga Cues [Consultation Call] with Brittany Alred - The Connected Yoga Teacher

Brittany Alred is a new yoga teacher who asks Shannon, in a consultation call, about doing yoga poses versus using verbal cues.

10 Tips to Rock Your Online Yoga Classes

In this post you will learn 10 digital marketing tips to fill your yoga classes and start building valued relationships with your community online.

Build a Strong Online Yoga Presence With 4 Productivity Tips

Build your online presence to showcase your yoga career - there are many wonderful tools and services that can help you be an online warrior!

How To Earn Money As A Yoga Teacher (Outside The Studio)

Why to get creative and work outside the studio? Thousands of yoga teachers graduate from yoga teacher trainings every year. There’s no shortage of yoga teachers but there’s only one YOU! In order to stand out and share yoga in the way that’s true to you, all you have to do is to tap into your passion.

HOW TO NAME YOUR BUSINESS - Susanne Rieker | Marketing & Website Design

How do you choose a name for your yoga business? This post is all about what to name your business—whether it’s your own name or a creative name.

10 Habits All Great Yoga Teachers Share

Yoga teachers have the ability to make a huge impact on their students. These are the things that make great yoga teachers GREAT.

Inspire Them: 10 Qualities of a Great Yoga Teacher - Beyogi

Whether you’re looking to find a great yoga teacher or you’re looking to be one, there are certain qualities you’ll need to succeed.

5 Tips for a great yoga photo shoot

A professional yoga photo shoot is a big investment – don’t do it with these 5 tips from yoga photographer Heather Bonker.

The A-Z of Being a Successful Yoga Teacher|Paperback

Are you living the life you dreamed of as a yoga teacher? Do you feel exhausted physically, financially and spiritually? In Yoga Teacher